The EU will not create a problem for traveling with passports to the Republic of Macedonia, says Toškovski

The old and the new Macedonian passport/Photo: Sloboden pechat/Dragan Mitreski

The Technical Minister of Internal Affairs, Pance Toshkovski, said that he received a letter from Brussels today that the EU will not cause a problem if citizens of Macedonia have to travel with passports with the old constitutional name.

Toshkovski, in this morning's guest appearance on the show "I love Macedonia", again called on the MPs in the Parliament to support amendments to extend the validity period of travel documents.

-Today I received information in writing where the travel documents committee of the European Commission held a meeting, it was announced to me by the Belgian ambassador. They will have an understanding of the problem and will be as correct and restrained as possible in relation to our citizens. Our citizens who are outside of Macedonia, 70.000 have the old name in Germany, the Germans have that as data, we don't have it. They will be able to go to Hungary and the Czech Republic without any problem, but they will not be able to leave Macedonia if they come home. The European Committee gives an opinion to the countries to have an understanding. And what we are doing - only Macedonia, apart from Greece, will violate the basic human right to freedom and movement, due to the fact that the deputies from the ruling structure - from SDSM and DUI, do not want to press a single button, he said.

Minister Toškovski pointed out that only 3.000 new passports can be produced per day, but in optimized conditions and emphasized that the most important thing is not to lose the continuity and dynamics in the delivery of the forms.

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