The EU mostly imports honey from China and exports it to Britain

Honey Fair / Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Slobodan Djuric

During 2023, the member states of the European Union imported 163.700 tons of natural honey from countries outside the EU, worth 359,3 million euros, Eurostat reported. At the same time, only 24.900 tons worth 146,0 million euros were exported outside the EU. The main partners of the European Union are China - when it comes to importing honey, and Great Britain, when it comes to exporting. Data from official European statistics show that the import of honey from countries outside the EU mainly comes from China (60.200 tons or 37 percent of the total import of honey from outside the EU). Then from Ukraine (45.800 tons, or 28 percent), Argentina (20.400 tons, or 12 percent), Mexico (10.700 tons, seven percent) and Cuba (4.700 tons, or three percent).

"Compared to 2013, the import of honey outside the EU increased by 20 percent (from 136.300 to 163.700 tons), and the export to countries outside the EU by 14 percent (from 21.700 to 24.900 tons), Eurostat reported, H1 reported. Great Britain has the largest share in the export of honey from the EU, in which last year the member states of the European Union exported 4.300 tons or 17 percent of the total export of honey outside the EU). It is followed by Saudi Arabia (3.500 tons, 14%), Switzerland (3.400 tons, 13%), the United States (3.300 tons, 13%) and Japan (2.500 tons, 10%). The largest importer of honey, when looking at individual member states, was Germany, which accounted for even a quarter of the total imports into the EU – 41.000 tons.

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