The EU will get rid of petrol and diesel, and there is a plan how


Gasoline and diesel cars go down in history. The future is in electric vehicles. That is why the European Union on Wednesday will propose a strategy that will achieve carbon neutrality in the fight against climate change in the next decade, writes

Many prestigious automotive factories are located in Europe that dominate automotive innovation. But cars, which are the main means of transportation for Europeans, are the biggest culprit for greenhouse gases.

Therefore, the EU in 2020 sets a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

On June 14, the European Commission should propose new regulations to achieve this goal, and according to several sources, the complete abolition of car emissions by 2035 is being considered.

Electric vehicles are the only variant that can meet that requirement and will practically be the only permitted vehicles on the brand new market.

At the moment, in the car market that is hard hit by the pandemic, electric vehicles are making good progress. In Western Europe, 8 percent of all registered vehicles are now electrically powered.

But, as with any major change, opinions are divided. Most EU member states believe that the rapid electrification of vehicles will increase their cost and destroy many jobs at the expense of Chinese manufacturers, who, in turn, are far ahead of the Europeans with this technology.

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