EU: Without delay to establish the JSO

Kosovar Serbia
Photo: Profimedia

The European Union is closely following the recent events in the north of Kosovo and emphasizes once again that, without any delays or preconditions, the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities must begin, said today the spokesperson of the European Union, Peter Stano.

Asked to comment on yesterday's arrest of three Serbs in Kosovo and whether the EU plans to do something about it, Stano said at today's press conference in Brussels that the Union is closely monitoring the situation and is in close contact with partners and authorities in order to fully understand the development of events.

We will react in public, if and when it is appropriate, said Stano and emphasized that the position of the 27 EU member states on the situation in the north of the Republic of Kosovo is clearly expressed in the statement that was published earlier this week.

Asked whether the EU believes that the Community of Serbian Municipalities must be established in accordance with the Kosovo Constitution, Stano said that the EU's position is clear – the work on establishing the Community of Serbian Municipalities must begin without preconditions and delays.

-Each side knows what it has to do and what the EU's position is, said the EU spokesperson and added that the question of how it should be done is something that should be discussed within the dialogue, not in the public or the media.

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