Ethnological documentary photos by Blagoja Drnkov will be exhibited in the RSM Museum

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In the spirit of rounding off a fruitful and successful year, the Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia announced the final exhibition "More than words - Blagoja Drnkov in the ethnological museum archive", which will be opened on December 28, 2022, at 13 p.m.

The exhibition is realized in honor of the creative master of photography and his photographic affinities and worldviews.

The work of the photographer and cameraman Blagoja Drnkov makes a significant contribution to the advancement of museology and ethnology. He left an unsurpassed collection of photographs, documenting all aspects of traditional material and spiritual culture, as well as folk creativity and applied art in Macedonia.

What sets him apart is his special attitude towards ethnological documentary photography, which is not just a bare record of facts, but a visual record filled with expression, curiosity and energy.

- 35 photographs are presented at the exhibition, which are important guardians of memory as a testimony for the future. The exhibition is an attempt to remember and emphasize the high achievements in documenting and presenting our artistic and cultural heritage. The photographs of this doyen of ethnological photo-documentation are engraved in the collective visual cultural memory, leaving us much more than words - the Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia points out.

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