ESM does not import energy, and who does will be known in a month

Kreshnik Bekteshi
Kreshnik Bekteshi / Photo: Screenshot, Facebook

The electricity suppliers who provide the companies that are on the free market obviously did not make projections on time or they postponed the projections due to the weather or some other reasons, according to the Minister of Economy

The data which electricity trader or supplier has withdrawn certain amounts of electricity from the European grid can be determined once a month or once every two months. That is why it is impossible to see on a daily basis which company drew European electricity, and therefore there was no data about this operation in the report prepared by the Government, pointed out the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi. He confirmed that 1.700 megawatt-hours of electricity were withdrawn from ENCOE on Sunday, but most of them were companies that procure electricity on the free market for their customers. ESM does not import electricity globally, the minister is decisive.

- After today's meeting with the director of ESM, I can assure you that now electricity is not imported into the country for the needs of the regulated market where households and small consumers are - said Bekteshi.

He explained that these withdrawals are not entirely from the ESM, but are also made by the electricity suppliers that supply the companies in the free market.

- It is obvious that they did not make the projections on time or, on the other hand, postponed the projections due to the weather or some other reasons. These 1.700 megawatt-hours of electricity were only on Sunday and most of them are not from ESM, but mainly from other companies - emphasized the Minister of Economy.

When asked why electricity withdrawals from the European Energy Association are not part of the Government's daily reports on produced electricity, Bekteshi explained that those data are determined once a month or once every two months. According to Bekteshi, the most important thing is that the ESMs are ready and have a reserve for the first time, such as the transformer in case the worst happens in REK Bitola.

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