The erosion of the land in the Tetovo area that made a problem in the water supply is being repaired

The government will not go against the population for small hydropower plants, but a small hydropower plant is not environmentally worse than a large hydropower plant. The biodiversity of the rivers is preserved. In a village in the municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuste, inappropriate use of drinking water for a small hydropower plant was not allowed. Drinking water from a small hydropower plant can be used only if it is at the exit of the village, this is the explanation of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for small hydropower plants on Shar Mountain which are pointed out by citizens as a cause of soil erosion and causing months of water shortages for drinking in Tetovo.

He said he had talked to Mayor Teuta Arifi about the problem.

- The first time there was a landslide. That is why the old drinking water supply systems in Tetovo were included. It is repaired and put into use. Due to the climatic circumstances, another landslide occurred, which is currently being repaired. Tetovo has the old way of water supply. Problems arise with the new water supply system due to landslides. It is not possible to say whether there will be soil erosion anywhere. It is being repaired, said Zaev.

According to the Prime Minister, he also offered assistance to the Municipality of Tetova, the Government to help somehow.

- They work together with their public utility company and promised that the problem will be repaired quickly and as soon as it is repaired they will immediately make control so that no new reasons appear so that there is no problem with water supply, said Zaev from Tetovo village Tenovo where he attended the release in the use of a photovoltaic plant.

Since the beginning of 2021, Tetovo has been facing a shortage of drinking water and supply restrictions due to several problems, including interruption in the pipeline for carrying water from mountain rivers due to soil erosion on the Sharr Mountain.

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