Erdogan asked Rama to clean up the rest of the FETO organization in Albania

photo: MIA

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who is on an official visit to Turkey, and his host, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, highly rated bilateral relations and cooperation, with commitments for advancement, and exchanged opinions on current developments.

- We expressed a common assessment that Turkey and Albania are members of the NATO alliance that play a role in preserving peace and stability in the Balkan region. Albania is on the right side of history during the United Nations General Assembly vote last December on the emergency humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, Turkish President Erdogan said, Albanians reported, citing Turkish media.

He stressed the importance of Albania's solidarity with the "oppressed Palestinian people" who have been exposed to Israeli attacks on Gaza for more than four months, in which some 30.000 people have been killed.

Erdogan also referred to the terrorist organization FETO, which organized the failed coup in his country in 2016.

- We will not give a chance to that evil network that is trying to poison our relations, we will continue our fight against them, said Erdogan, who asked Rama to "clean up the rest of this organization in Albania".

Erdogan pointed out that Turkey has increased the volume of trade with Albania to one billion dollars, and now it is trying to double it to two billion dollars.

Albanian Prime Minister Rama has commented on the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, saying that it is time for a ceasefire, that the hostages must be freed and that Turkey is an indispensable actor in reaching a solution.

He thanked for the help and support from the Turkish state and his great friend Erdogan, for Albania and Kosovo.

- Whenever we talk about the relationship with Turkey, Albanians and Kosovo cannot forget three things. Firstly, thanks to your support, Kosovo was recognized as an independent republic a few minutes after independence, secondly, you were the first to communicate with me when Albania was hit by a strong earthquake and you immediately took the initiative to build 500 apartments. Thirdly, we Albanians felt like a fish out of water when the world was affected by the corona virus and if it wasn't for Turkey and you personally, who knows how many people would have lost their lives, Rama said.


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