Apple has updated the iPhone 12 software after France banned sales due to excessive radiation


French regulators have received new software for the iPhone 12, the sale of which has been temporarily suspended due to an excessive level of radiation, said a source from the French Ministry of Digital Sciences.

The US tech company has promised to update the software, meeting a request by French authorities who set a two-week deadline to fix the problem after tests showed the absorption rate (SAR) of the iPhone 12 was slightly above the limit.

The European Union has set a limit for SAR, linked to exposure to mobile phones that can increase the risk of some forms of cancer, scientific research shows.

Apple disputed the French results, noting the phone was certified by multiple international bodies, but days after the French warning said it would send updated software to adapt the phone to testing methods in France.

The updated software arrived on Tuesday, according to a source at the French Ministry of Digital Science, exactly two weeks after the secretary of state for the digital economy warned in an interview with Parisien that he was ready to order the recall of all iPhone 12s.

The French announcement has sparked outrage in other EU countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands, which have announced an analysis of possible health risks. The German regulator said the French case could serve as a model for Europe as a whole.

Cell phones radiate because they use radio frequency waves that create an electromagnetic field, which does not cause changes in human cells, unlike radioactive tracers, Reuters explains.

Experts in the sector dispute the safety risks, pointing out that regulatory radiation limits, based on the risk of burns or heat stroke, are significantly lower than levels that are harmful according to scientific evidence.

iPhone 12 sales banned in France, it radiates too much

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