EOS turned the drone into a robotic combat vehicle

Huntsville-based contractor EOS Defense Systems USA unveiled robotic combat vehicles equipped with its state-of-the-art R600 RWS Remote Weapon Station during a recent U.S. Army Convergence Capstone 4 project demonstration.

According to the press release, the robot is equipped with a Northrop Grumman M230LF cannon, a coaxial machine gun and four Javelin missiles, this system has demonstrated its formidable infantry support capabilities to transport the army's multi-purpose equipment, defense-blog reported. .

During an exercise at the Army National Training Center in Fort Irvine, California, the EOS successfully fielded pairs of Class 1 robotic vehicles with a range of over 300 meters and successfully neutralized multiple ground threats with its 30mm cannon.

As stated by the company, key industry partners, including Boresight Aerial Targets and the Javelin Joint Venture team, contributed to the success of the demonstration.

The event provided Army leadership with valuable insights into new technologies essential to future conflicts, emphasizing the importance of man-machine integration in modern warfare.

Known for its precision and versatility, EOS' R600 RWS offers a cost-effective solution to address the Army's critical priorities in the area of ​​counter-UAV systems while increasing the effectiveness of the combat force.

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