An electric version of the Fiat Panda car will be produced in Kragujevac

Electric version of "Fiat Panda" / Photo Twitter

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vuќi., Announced today that the electric car of the type "Fiat Panda" will be produced in the factory for production of cars "Fiat" in Kragujevac.

Vuќi вели says that the new investment in the car factory in Kragujevac will be worth 190 million euros, of which 48 million euros will be allocated from the republic budget.

According to him, the preparations for the production of the new car model will last until the end of 2023, and the production in Kragujevac will start in the third quarter of 2024.

"Fiat" or the group "Stelantis" has been announcing the electric version of the small city model "Fiat Panda" for some time. There are already a number of conceptual solutions and demonstrations of what the new power model might look like.

The new model is expected to be based on the "Centoventi" concept from 2019. Technologically, it should be similar to the electric models from the "Stalantis" group - "Peugeot 208" and "Opel Corsa".

According to the dimensions, the vehicle would be similar to the current "panda", ie a compact city model. The design of the new small car, which will debut next year, has already been approved.

A similar concept was previously offered by Dacia for the new Sandero.

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