Prince Harry's Explosive Testimony: Do You Know What I Found In My Ex-Girlfriend's Car!?

Prince Harry after today's trial / June 7 / Photo: EPA-EFE/ANDY RAIN

Prince Harry, the first prominent member of the British royal family to testify in court in more than 130 years, was heard as a witness at the High Court in London today for the second day in a row. Harry claims the tabloids used illegal methods to get information about him since childhood.

The prince was questioned for almost five hours yesterday by the Andrew Green, a lawyer for publisher Mirror Group, which publishes the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People newspapers. Harry and about a hundred other people are suing the media house, claiming it illegally collected information about them or their loved ones between 1991 and 2011.

Continuing the hearing, lawyer Green said there was no evidence on the phone to show Harry was the victim of hacking, comparing it to the 2005 investigation that led to the conviction of the former royal affairs editor at the now-defunct News of the World newspaper - Rupert Murdoch.

"If a court never finds that you were hacked by a Mirror Group journalist, will you feel relieved or disappointed?" asked Green.


Harry responded that he believed the hacking was widespread on an "industrial level" at at least three newspapers and that he had "no doubt" about it.

"If a decision was made against me, considering that the 'Mirror Group' admitted to hacking, yes, that would be unfair," replied the prince.

In response to Green's suggestion that Harry would like to be a victim, the prince replied that "nobody wants that". At the start of the process, the Mirror Group apologized and admitted that the Sunday People had unlawfully sought information about Harry, stressing that he must be compensated for it.

The publisher previously admitted that its media outlets participated in phone hacking and settled more than 600 cases, paying $120 million in damages. But the Mirror Group has rejected all of Prince Harry's other claims, saying there is no evidence to back them up. Green claims that personal information about Harry came from Buckingham Palace staff.


Prince Harry also said that on one occasion he found a tracking device in his ex-girlfriend's car Chelsea Davy, BBC reported.

At that time, the media was writing a lot about the status of their relationship and trying to find out if the romance was coming to an end. Let's recall, their love relationship lasted alternately between 2004 and 2010. She claims it was planted in her car by the private investigator Mike Baer, whom Harry has already accused in other cases.

Harry claimed that his friend Mark Dyer, also found a tracking device in his car. When asked if his claims of illegal activity were "in the realm of complete speculation," he replied:

"I don't know. And it's even more frightening that it was used as a headline in the press against me, I think this morning. All my life, the press misled me, covered up irregularities. "I am sitting here in court, knowing that the defense has evidence in front of it," said the prince.

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy / Photo: EPA/IAN JONES

The judge Timothy Fancourt asked a very important question to Prince Harry before the testimony ended. He reminded him of a statement that had been somewhat forgotten in the last two days, regarding the prince's alleged experience with hacking.

Harry remembered that unread voicemails on his phone didn't show up as new, nor did he get a notification that there was a new email.

“Do you remember when you started noticing this?” the judge asked.

"From the moment I got the mobile phone. It never stopped," replied the prince.

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