An expert reveals the reason: Why are some dogs afraid of their owners?

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It goes without saying that the dog he will lose confidence in his owner if he does not take proper care of him and if he neglects him, but there are other behaviors and approaches because of which some people cannot establish a good relationship and trust with their four-legged friend.

Newsweek spoke to a dog expert to find out exactly what can ruin the relationship between a man and his dog. The professional dog trainer Sally Grotini she said that the biggest problem is when the owner fails to acquire it the trust of his pet, that is, when the dog does not trust its owner.

"Ignoring a dog's temperament or misbehaving towards it can cause anxiety in the dog. Many people get a dog because of its appearance or breed. Researching the temperament of the breed can tell you immediately what problems your dog may have, but an owner who does not know this can treat the dog in the wrong way and get angry with him when it is not justified. Because of that, the dog is sometimes afraid of the owner," Grotini pointed out.

To prevent fear in dogs, Grotini advises people to research them first the traits of your dog and be patient with him if he is known to be naturally anxious or nervous.


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