New Study Reveals: Kids Use 'Toxic Baby Makeup'

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Many children in the United States are using potentially toxic cosmetics intended for children, a new study confirms New York Post. The use of the n. "makeup for children" and face and body paints does not seem to be as harmless as the big marketing companies make it out to be.

Researchers from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and the non-profit organization Earthjustice warn that these products are not safe to use and may contain toxic chemicals such as heavy metals, which can have serious side effects and be very harmful to children's health.

The team of researchers analyzed the results of more than 200 respondents, of which even 79 percent of parents confirmed that their children up to 12 years old use so-called "kids' makeup". These are products designed and intended for play, and include lip glosses, face paint and glitter, and even eyeshadow.

A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggests that 54 percent of children use these products once a month, while 12 percent use them daily.

The study comes after New York state tightened laws on ingredients used in cosmetic products. Starting from June 1, the state will ban the sale of cosmetic products containing mercury, a known neurotoxin, often found in skin lightening agents.

Mercury, in particular, has been linked to a number of serious illnesses, including certain types of cancer, respiratory and kidney problems, loss of certain senses, and even death.

"Children are especially sensitive and susceptible to these risks to their health, these are chemical ingredients that are often found in make-up and body paint", said Dr. Julie Herbsman, a professor at Columbia University and one of the authors of the study. She explained that children's body structure, their accelerated growth and development of tissues and organs, and their underdeveloped immune system put them at exceptional risk of damage caused by dangerous toxins.

"It is alarming that the industry is allowed to sell make-up and cosmetic products intended for children, which contain extremely toxic chemicals," said Lakendra Barajas, a lawyer for "Earth Justice", adding that the study prepared by the experts could provide relevant documents regarding the use of these products among children. "I hope that federal agencies will take concrete steps to protect children from exposure to these harmful chemicals," Lakendra added, sincerely regretting that very little is currently being done to address this problem, which affects our youngest residents.

Meanwhile, the global baby cosmetics market has the potential to reach a value of USD 1795,15 million by 2026.

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