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Experts point the finger at him: Only one man is to blame for the departure of Megan and Harry from the royal family!

Experts agree on one thing about the aforementioned couple…

Experts have blamed Prince Harry for the damage done to the royal family after the departure of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

Like, they say, he did not prepare Megan Markle well for life in the kingdom.


"It's a combination of Harry and Megan's fault, but most of it was Harry who didn't bother to explain everything in detail. "He's not a strict guy who gives orders, but he probably didn't want to explain either.", said the author of the book about Prince Philip, Robert Jobson.

"Being a member of the royal family is hard work, even though people may not think so. "Life with them is not glamorous, and maybe she didn't like it at all.", added Jobson.


According to Jobson, Markle was to seek the help of longtime royal confidant Samantha Cohen. That would probably prevent Harry and Megan from leaving the family.

As he concluded, it is Harry who is the biggest culprit.


"I condemn Harry because he knew the whole story, but he wanted his share of the cake, and it doesn't work that way.", concluded Robert.

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