Experts advise: Two important things in a love relationship can prevent a breakup

Photo: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Love brings people together in a mysterious way. Sometimes you are so different that you don't understand it - you just "click". Opposites are often the best complements, no matter how different two people are.

However, if your dynamic makes sense at the beginning of your relationship, that can all change later on. Your partner's personality may not match your current needs, which can completely destroy your relationship. However, two important things can prevent a divorce or breakup.

Therapist Melanie Gorman, author Kathleen Miller, behavior analyst Stephen Sisler, and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher discovered about "Yortango" what two things can prevent the end of a love relationship.

"Know Who You Are" – Get to know yourself and understand what type of personality you have. Later, share this with your partner so you understand each other's needs and work together to meet those needs.

"Respect your differences" – Realize that your partner is not like you in many ways. Don't force him to live life the same way you do. Respect that your partner is different and enjoy life together with these differences.

"You know, the problem is that we don't see people as they are. We see them as we are. .. respect the difference and understand that something they're doing is not because they're trying to annoy you," Stephen Sisler pointed out.

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