Experts reveal the order in which food should be eaten for better control of blood sugar levels

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French biochemist Jessie Inschauspe and award-winning nutritionist Lovnit Bartha reveal the sequence of food intake during meals, which can help you control your blood sugar levels, as well as the desire for light things or snacks after a meal.

Proper food combining, which means getting enough vegetables, protein and healthy fats, can sometimes be stressful enough in itself, especially when you are new to the world of balanced nutrition. However, experts now add another important feature – the order of food intake from the plate.

Although we were convinced that above all it is important that half of the plate should be occupied by vegetables, a quarter by proteins, and the rest by carbohydrates, now we know in which order we should eat them.

Experts in this field claim that if we pay attention to such an important distribution of meals, we can greatly reduce unnecessary snacking after meals, excessive desserts, and even affect the symptoms of polycystic ovaries, writes "Health".

An important factor is the claim that the order of food affects blood sugar levels, that is, what you eat before something else can significantly increase blood sugar levels compared to the recommended order.

The French biochemist and one of the most read authors of the magazine "New York Times", Jessie Inchauspe, states the following plan: "First vegetables, then proteins and fats, and finally carbohydrates and sugars.

"The main reason is that vegetables contain fiber and when the fiber first reaches the gastrointestinal system, it has time to do something amazing, something like a transformation. Fibers develop on the intestinal wall forming a protective layer. This network remains stable for several hours and prevents sugars that we ingest during meals from being absorbed too quickly," she explained.

This was confirmed by award-winning nutritionist Lovneet Bartha, who said: "Have you ever seen someone eat in a certain order - get the vegetables first, then move on to the protein part before touching the rice and think it's some bizarre ritual?"

It's possible, but she says it's because they're probably measuring carbohydrate consumption, which helps control blood sugar and in turn helps you maintain weight. Thus, the hierarchy according to which food is consumed plays a major role in determining postprandial glucose and insulin levels.

Starting the meal with vegetables and protein, and ending with carbohydrates, makes us fuller. This is because protein slows down the release of sugar from carbohydrates into the bloodstream, preventing sugar 'highs' and subsequent crashes – and hunger pangs.

"By changing the proportions of food on your plate and the order in which you eat, you can take a big step on the road to your health," Lovnit explained.

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