VIDEO | A crocodile expert from Australia sexually abused more than 40 animals

Animal rapist from Australia / Photo Facebook

A prominent Australian crocodile expert pleaded guilty yesterday to a series of horrific animal abuse charges, including raping and torturing dogs.

According to The Daily Mail, 51-year-old Adam Robert Corden Britton began his sadistic act in 2014, and authorities believe he tortured and sexually assaulted more than 42 dogs by the time of his arrest in April 2022.

The renowned zoologist, who previously worked at Charles Darwin University, appeared calm in court on Monday and pleaded guilty to both horrific animal crimes committed by his owners and trafficking in child pornography.

Before prosecutor Marty Ost read details of the indictment, the judge warned those present and reporters in the room that there would be evidence of "monstrous and perverse acts of brutality" that, he said, "may shock" the public.

The descriptions given in court yesterday are too shocking to convey, writes the British newspaper, noting that the actions of the 51-year-old led to the death of 39 dogs.

"The defendant had a sadistic sexual interest in animals, especially dogs," the prosecutor said.

As well as torturing his own animals, Britton advertised through advertisements to unsuspecting pet owners in the Darwin area, gaining their trust and convincing them to entrust their dogs to him when they themselves found it difficult to care for them due to work commitments. or because they had to travel

In one of the cases heard in court, Britton sent the dog's former owner a reassuring message, saying "Wolf has adjusted well, is eating well and enjoying her new home." In fact, the dog had already been raped and tortured to death by the deranged man.

The former academic, who once invited the legendary David Attenborough to give a speech at the University where he worked, posted videos of him abusing dogs on pervert forums using a pseudonym.

Last year, one of these videos was sent to an animal welfare organization in the Northern Territory, who then forwarded the material to the police. Britton was arrested in April 2022 and has remained in custody since then.

The man's sentence will be announced at a new hearing on December 13.

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