VIDEO: An expert predicted the earthquake in Turkey and Syria three days ago

A man predicted the earthquake in Turkey and Syria three days ago/ Photo Twitter printscreen

Frank Hoogerbits, from the "SSGEOS" Institute, announced three days ago on his Twitter account that "an earthquake will happen in a very short time" in the region around Turkey.

There is a more detailed explanation on the YouTube profile of "SSGEOS":

VIDEO | The moment when an apartment building collapsed in Turkey

The strong earthquake this morning left severe consequences in many parts of Turkey and Syria. The number of dead is constantly growing, and the damage is enormous.

The seismologist Stephen Hicks believes that the earthquake that hit Turkey this morning could be the strongest instrumentally recorded earthquake in this country.

The video he posted on his Twitter account shows the spread of seismic waves after the catastrophic earthquake. It was registered by seismographs all over Europe.


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