Expert points out: Five small but toxic habits that destroy good relationships with your loved one

Photo: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Relationships develop based on how we treat our loved ones every day. It's simple things: our attitude, the way we handle conflicts and what we focus on.

These things can make or break our relationship, says couples counselor Christine Dunn-Cunningham. She warned of five bad habits that can destroy a relationship, she writes "Yortango".

You care about what other people think

"Don't worry about what other people like or what your friends are doing. "Focus on creating a relationship with a partner who works for you," says Dunn-Cunningham.

You let your ego get in the way

One of the biggest mistakes in a relationship is getting caught up in trying to always be right in an argument.

“When you focus on proving your partner wrong and getting them to admit you're right, you lose sight of what you're trying to do – solve the problem. "Put your ego aside and focus on creating a space where each of you can share your concerns about the problem," she advises.

You let the past define you or your partner

 "Past relationships and partners should not be used as a yardstick for your current relationship. "Past negative experiences are not proof that every relationship you'll ever have will fail," says Dunn-Cunningham.

You have too much anger

Holding on to your anger over injustice (or perceived injustice) can ultimately destroy our relationship.

"Dissatisfaction builds invisible walls between you and your partner," she said.

You are trying to change your partner

If we are in a relationship, we should not change our partners, but love them, including their faults and virtues.

"Love your partners for who they are instead of trying to change or 'fix' them," Dunn-Cunningham concluded.

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