Eco-products produced at home, small family businesses of tattoo artists returning to tradition

Photo: Free Press

Homemade ajvar and marmalade, handmade wooden decorative items, various bee products, knitted bags, were just a part of the so-called Victorian bazaar held at Popova Shapka on the theme "Taste & explore Shara". Residents of the Tetovo region presented themselves at the bazaar, whose products the visitors tried and tasted.

The beekeeper Vladimir Petrovsky from Tetovo, who promoted himself at the bazaar with his own stand, says that such events are very important because they can promote their work.

"I've been doing beekeeping for 15 years, it requires desire and love, so besides honey, since a few years ago I've also been producing cosmetic products with ingredients from bee products," said beekeeper Vladimir Petrovski.

The Ristovski family also participated in the bazaar. The youngest member Andriana Ristovska Marinic says that she is a proud representative of Casanica, a company that is a family effort to preserve the tradition of these areas.

"Kazanica is much more about telling a family story and traditionally passing on family values ​​than selling for commercial purposes. In the gardens in the yard, we grow various garden products, from which we also prepare delicious winter cakes, various marmalades, ajvars, marmalades and the like," said Andriana Ristovska Marinic.

Photo: Free Press

Predrag Simonovski again from the Municipality of Jegunovce, at the stand of the bazaar that was held on Popova Shapka, he presented his handmade wooden products. He started doing this craft some time ago, after he received a product like this as a gift.

Hand-knitted bags, pendants and similar products could be seen on some of the stands.

Young dancers from KUD Branko Chajka from Tetovo also promoted themselves at the Bazaar with a rich cultural and artistic program.

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