The EC is closely monitoring the outbreak of monkeypox in Europe

European Commission / SP. archive

The European Commission is closely monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with the health authorities in the EU regarding the emergence of measles on the European continent.

Several EU member states have reported the outbreak of this rare form of measles, and the European Commission holds regular meetings within the Commission on Health and Safety, which also includes EU member states.

Health spokesman Stephane de Kersmaker said this afternoon that the commission was in constant communication with the European Center for Disease Control, which also released an initial report on measles yesterday.

The report says that the level of transmission of this disease is moderate, but increases dramatically in case of close contact, especially sexual, while if there is no close contact between two people, the risk is low.

The EU Health and Safety Commission will meet again next Tuesday to discuss the phenomenon, and EU member states will soon receive a risk assessment prepared by the European Commission based on scientific findings.

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