A simple habit reduces the risk of dementia by 33 percent

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Dementia is a syndrome characterized by progressive deterioration of cognitive functions, such as memory, thinking and the ability to perform daily duties, and it is most often caused by degenerative diseases of the brain.

Age is considered one of the most important risk factors, which we cannot control. However, some factors such as daily life habits can play an important role. In a way, that's good news. That means we have some power to take control of our brain health.

According to the research that divided the respondents into five groups, namely, one habit can significantly reduce the risk of dementia – physical exercises. In that sense, even slightly exceeding the weekly exercise recommendations can be quite beneficial.

Talk about exercises for the heart, lungs, muscles, which are also useful for the brain.

Compared to the group of respondents labeled as "least fit," those in slightly better shape had a 13 percent lower risk of Alzheimer's disease... Furthermore, the middle group had a 20 percent lower risk, the next group on the scale had a 26 percent lower risk, and people from " the most physically active group" they had 33 percent less danger.

The authors conclude that cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with a lower chance of dementia, and as people age, this becomes more prominent.

– Research has shown that at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week is key to optimal brain health as we age. "Less is more" has its place in certain cases, but going beyond the weekly recommendations for exercise can be quite useful - says neuropsychologist Dr. Jessica Caldwell for "Parada".

She says that for younger people or those who have been physically active in the past and regularly in their lives, exercising for up to 300 minutes or more intense exercise can be even more beneficial for the brain. As age progresses, so does the balance between physical fitness and injury prevention and good aerobic fitness.

By all accounts, exercise is beneficial not only for heart health, but also for the brain.

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