Edi Rama: KFOR is not an occupying force of Serbia

Edi Rama / Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Dragan Mitreski

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that KFOR is a mission of the NATO Alliance and not an occupying force of Serbia, stressing that the reactions to his statement that KFOR must take control of the north are painful and ridiculous, reports News online.

Rama said in a long post on social media that the Government of Albania communicated with the highest levels of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance to guarantee security in the north of Kosovo.

"As part of Albania's support for guaranteeing security in the north of Kosovo and taking control from KFOR, at this stage when there is an alarming risk of escalation of the conflict, we communicated at the highest level of the Euro-Atlantic alliance and expressed maximum readiness. On the other hand, we conveyed to the allies the reasons for our disagreement with the latest EU announcement, continuing to seek their clear position, regarding the armed criminal group that killed the Kosovo policeman and on the occasion of the Day of Mourning in Belgrade," Rama wrote. on the "X" social network.

The Prime Minister of Albania reminded "those in Pristina who, as he said, have time to use fake Facebook profiles that KFOR is NATO," reports "Kosovo Online".


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