Survived both violence and the death of her son: Tina Turner turns 83

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The Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner, turned 83 yesterday. She gave a large part of her life to music, and life did not care for her at all. The greater the fame she experienced, the greater the tragedies she faced, if one can distinguish between small and large tragedies.

The music legend, in addition to having incredible vocal abilities, possesses an energy that radiates every time he stands on stage. Although she is always smiling, Tina has suffered many inconveniences in her life.

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Tina was a victim of abuse by ex-husband Ike Turner, with whom she was married from 1962 to 1978.

At the age of 18, Tina met Ike Turner, who allowed her to start singing as a backing vocalist in his group, and she soon became the lead singer. In 1962, Ike and Tina married in Mexico and began an almost dizzying ascent.

First hit "River Deep, Mountain High" climbed them high on the charts. But their cooperation was not ideal.

Ike started harassing Tina every day and very often she ended up with blood and bruises.

"I slapped Tina. I pushed her to the ground for no reason. "But I did not beat her as much as she says," Ike admitted.

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While they were on tour together in Dallas, Ike beat her. She waited for him to fall asleep, then put on glasses to hide the bruises and ran off with 36 cents in her pocket. She hid in a nearby motel and with the help of the lawyer and his friends went to Los Angeles. Ike then declared: "He can have everything, just my name - no!". In 2007, Ike Turner died of a cocaine overdose.

Tina never forgot the days when she was literally tortured. In 1985, she met the music producer Erwin Bach, with whom they registered in 2013.

Tina is not afraid of age and keeps going. He said a few years ago: "The fifties are the new thirties, and the seventies are the new fifties. There are no rules that age dictates how you dress or how you behave. I'm too old to listen to how and what I should do. "I want it here and now."


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Three years ago, life presented her with another painful moment – the death of her son Craig. Tina says about herself that she is a strong woman who survived the divorce, but did not let it break her despite all the life disasters.

In December 2016, the musical diva was almost on her deathbed, as her kidneys were functioning at only 20 percent capacity, which is why she urgently needed a transplant.

Tina had only two options either dialysis or a transplant, and then her current husband, a German music director Erwin Bach he decided to save her life.

He gave her his kidney and thus played the most important role in her living a normal life today.

Tina Turner turns 80: I'm too old to listen to how and what I should do. I want it now and here! (PHOTO)


Husband gave her his kidney: Tina Turner lives a normal life today thanks to him

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