Xi Jinping, Putin and the Cold War 2.0

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The three-day state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who landed in Moscow on March 20, could not have come at a better time – for Putin. This top Chinese diplomatic visit is a huge moral support for Putin. Among other things, because Xi Jinping landed in Moscow just three days after the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court, which suspects him of war crimes.

"Dear friend" Putin

The first visit to his "dear friend" Putin, after the start of the military aggression against Ukraine, was announced by Xi Jinping as a "friendship trip". He called it a "journey of friendship, cooperation and peace", meaning that he is coming to the "dear friend" with a mission "to promote peace negotiations".

Officially, the Chinese leader claims that China is neutral regarding Russia's war against Ukraine. However, China's attitude towards Russia in light of the brutal war and war crimes in Ukraine can hardly be called neutrality. In some issues, it may be said that China has shown some restraint, but it is far from neutral.

What unites Putin and Xi Jinping?

What unites the two friends and partners, the "neutral" Jinping and the criminal Putin? First, they are dictators. They are united by the idea of ​​lifelong rule over their lands. Even more, it unites the idea of ​​a different world order in which there is no place for democracy and human rights and freedoms.

The "neutral" Xi Jinping is cultivating a strong partnership with the criminal Putin, seeking better positions for a deeper confrontation with the West, primarily with the United States. He, in order to maintain the partnership with Russia, so far has not condemned Russia's brutal aggression in which civilians are the target and the most tragic victims. A says he is coming "to promote peace".

Drawn swords

On the world map we now see three nuclear powers with drawn swords – Russia and China on one side and the US, Europe and NATO allies on the other. Recipe for World War III or – Nuclear Armageddon. The Cold War was launched by Putin already during the first decade of his authoritarian rule with Russia, especially with the invasion of Georgia in 2008. With the open Sino-Russian partnership (plus Iran), Cold War 2.0 is entering a new, critical phase. The countries of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America are already feeling the "magnetism" of the opposite poles in the new sharp division of world blocs and zones of influence.

Dramatic crises and fierce wars are yet to follow
Dramatic crises and new, fierce war hotspots are yet to follow in the world. Authoritarian regimes set out to conquer the world. In a tragic way, Ukraine became a symbol of fate and the world. Unfortunately, the world faces the risks of more wars of conquest - for territories. The world believed that the last such war was World War II. But Putin changed that "logic", and already finds a like-minded person in giant China.

Putin does not hide his joy over the "fraternal friendship" and "friendship of the future" as the title of Putin's text published in the Chinese newspaper People's Daily, and transmitted on the official website of the Russian president, reads.

Putin's "poetry"

"Amid the waves and winds sweeping the planet, we closely cooperate in international affairs and effectively coordinate our foreign policy positions, confront common threats and respond to current challenges, standing side by side like a rock in the middle of a swift stream," Putin wrote in the Chinese Newspaper.

Pure poetry! And an open confrontation with the "western hegemony" in which China is involved.

And while Putin is writing poetry to the Chinese, Russian missile terror is destroying homes and killing civilians in Ukraine.

With this visit, it seems that Xi Jinping is playing with China's image, especially considering the gruesome facts of the way Russia's genocidal war in Ukraine, Putin's uncontrollable behavior (the night visit to Mariupol) and the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court . Putin needs an ally at any cost to realize his ambitions to conquer the world and create a new, anti-Western world.

Russia – a vassal of China

On the other hand, it is very important for the Chinese president to convince the world that China can play a decisive role in mediating an end to Russia's war against Ukraine. China is also playing the card to assert itself as a partner in solving world crises.

In one such constellation, Xi Jinping is, in fact, bringing a "silk cord" to his "dear friend." Because, in the new world order - China is at the top, and Russia will have to settle for the status of a vassal state.

Source: Civilmedia  Author: Jabir Deralla

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