Xhaferi can only receive a public reprimand for swearing

Talat Xhaferi / Photo: MIA

According to the current legal solutions, if an MP reports and submits evidence to the Commission for Violation of the Code, Xhaferi, as much as he can, is to receive a public reprimand. MPs can not question his ability to perform the function.

VMRO-DPMNE called on MPs to initiate ability re-examination to perform the function of the President of the Assembly Talat Xhaferi, by the publication of the recording on which he loudly and vulgarly insults employees of the services. The MP from VMRO-DPMNE Antonio Milososki asked the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandate-Immunity Issues, Pancho Minov, to convene a session and determine a serious violation of the Parliamentary Code of Ethics, while the Left demands a one-month suspension of Xhaferi.

According to the current legal solutions, if an MP reports and submits evidence to the Commission for Violation of the Code, Xhaferi, as much as he can, is to receive a public reprimand. Lawmakers can not question his ability to run for office, say experts who interpret the call as political marketing by the opposition.

- I will wait for the statement of the President of the Commission Pancho Minov because I know that a voice reached him about the Xhaferi incident, so I will take the next steps - Milososki told "Free Press".

Milososki calls on Minov to convene the Commission

Milososki calls on Minov on Facebook to schedule a public session as soon as possible, to invite Xhaferi and to issue a public reprimand. According to the opposition MP, this would be a step towards the expected resignation.

- "MP who puts pressure on civil servants and other employees in the Service of the Assembly in the performance of their duties" committed a serious injury. This is written in Article 14 of the Code of Ethics for MPs, which was adopted in 2018, and the first proposer was MP Talat Xhaferi. The same MP from the position of President of the Assembly, on May 11, as the whole public heard, with extremely vulgar language puts pressure on the employees of the service for sessions of the Assembly, cursing their mothers and disparaging their dignity. This is the most serious violation of the Code of Ethics so far, which must be sanctioned according to it - says Milososki.

Previously, Left requested that the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandate-Immunity Issues issue a public reprimand and suspension of Xhaferi, as well as a ban on chairing the Assembly for a period of one month.

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski called on lawmakers to initiate a review of Xhaferi's ability to hold office, with leader Hristijan Mickoski saying he was ashamed to know him and urging "institutions to take care of him".

- If a person has a problem with himself and his nervous system, there are special institutions that take care of it. The parliament and the employees there are not a place where someone should treat their nervous system - said Mickoski.

Petkovski: The new election law is a chance to change things

Former President of the Assembly Tito Petkovski for "Free Press" says that in the Parliament, in the nineties of the last century, there were rigid, discriminatory and insulting statements by MPs, so it was suggested that all elected and appointed officials must submit a certificate of business ability, ie a medical certificate that they are mentally healthy. .

- Insults, discredits, and even physical fights do not happen only in our country. During the Donald Trump administration, a psychiatric association in the United States filed a motion to disqualify then-President Trump after he made several insulting remarks. Although we had such ideas in the past 20 years, a formal proposal for mandatory checking of the mental state of the elected and appointed officials was not submitted. If the parties believe that there is a need to determine the business ability, ie the mental ability of the officials, they can propose it now, because the Ministry of Justice has announced a new Electoral Code. Only a provision in the Electoral Code can require a certificate of mental health of officials. In such a case, when accepting the candidacy for MP, Minister, Head of State, President of the Assembly, Prime Minister, mayors, councilors, they will have to submit a certificate of mental health. Such a document, on the other hand, will be issued only by competent institutions and institutions - says Petkovski.

What the Code says

The question of the business ability, ie the mental health of the officials and how worthy they are to perform the function, was raised after almost every verbal or physical incident in the Parliament. The verbal incident of the President of the Assembly, according to the Code, belongs to "serious violations", which are treated by Article 14 line 4 of the Code. However, for Xhaferi to be held accountable for violating the Code, one of the MPs should submit a report to the Parliamentary Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandate-Immunity Issues. With the application, the MP should also submit evidence proving that the Code has been violated.

The commission has no investigative authority, but reviews the evidence and decides whether the MP has violated the Code and what kind. In case of a minor violation, the MP receives a reprimand, and if the violation is severe, the MP will be publicly reprimanded.

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