Xhaferi wants to amend the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure, to remove "procedural obstacles"

Talat Xhaferi
Talat Xhaferi / Photo: MIA

Amendments to the Rules of Procedure for the work of the Assembly are important and they will enable the deputies to focus on the essential issues, without being slowed down by all the procedural obstacles that are a real challenge for the work of the Assembly, the President of the Assembly said today Talat Xhaferi at the Conference of the European Parliament.

At the conference on "Creating a parliamentary democratic culture through dialogue and consensus building", Xhaferi spoke about the dialogue of parliamentary groups within the framework of the "Jean Monnet" process.

Xhaferi says that this is a long-term process that can last several years and consists of several rounds of dialogue.

"If we want to have a culture of dialogue between the political parties represented in the Parliament, we must work together. But let there be no misunderstanding – this does not mean that we are looking for uniformity. We are all members of different political parties, with different political programs for which we have received trust from the citizens, and according to those programs we give priority to different goals," says Xhaferi.

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