Xhaferi would accept to be a technical prime minister if offered!

Talat Jaferi, Photo: Assembly

 It is not a matter of whether I will accept or not, it is not my personal choice. Officially, there is no such hint to me. If there is such a variant, the deputies will have to elect a new president of the Assembly, says Xhaferi.

If the parties agree on joint presidential and parliamentary elections to be held on May 8, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi will call the elections on February 27 or 28, while the technical government would be formed on January 27 or 28. At the leadership conference on the date of the elections, which is expected to be in early December, it is certain that the leaders of the parliamentary parties will confirm that the voting will take place on May 8 (Wednesday), but also that the proposal of the president of VMRO-DPMNE will be rejected. Hristijan Mickoski for abolishing the technical government, because neither DUI nor SDSM agree with that. This will mean that in the last 100 days of the mandate, an Albanian will be appointed as technical prime minister for the first time. Whether Xhaferi will replace the parliamentary chair with the prime minister's chair will depend on the agreement between the parties.

Xhaferi said at the regular press briefing that the parties will have to agree on the date of the elections within the constitutional and legal deadlines - the last 60 days of the presidential and the last 90 days of the parliamentary elections, that is, of the mandates of the two institutions.

Next week leadership meeting?

- If it is assumed that May 8 would be acceptable for everyone, the presidential and parliamentary elections would be together in a regular term, then the deadlines within a minimum of 70 and a maximum of 90 days from the announcement to the holding of the elections, the elections would be announced on February 27 or February 28. If joint elections are held on May 8, as a result of the "Pržin Agreement", the technical government should be elected on January 27 or January 28. Those are the deadlines for the specific date of May 8 - said Xhaferi.

First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi also said in a guest appearance on TV24 that May 8 is an option, even though it is Wednesday.

- It is the last and earliest term for presidential and parliamentary elections, and so we will remain within the framework of the regular elections - says Grubi.

He announces a leadership meeting for the next week, where the date of the elections will be definitely decided, that is, it will be confirmed that the first round of elections will be held on April 24, and the second round of presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on May 8.

The leadership meeting on the date for the elections, which Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski announced will be held in the Parliament in December, according to the President of the Parliament, if it is not held on December 4 or December 5, it will be scheduled after Xhaferi's return from Paris, where on On December 9, the final meeting of the "Jean Monet" process for the new Parliamentary Rules of Procedure will be held.

For the Assembly, as Xhaferi said, the meeting for a final agreement on the elections is welcome, but the assembly's activities and deadlines should also be taken into account.

If the elections are held on May 5, the Assembly will not be dissolved, as it is a matter of regular term elections, and thus the inauguration of the new president of the state will take place on May 12. According to the deadlines, the constitutive session of the Assembly would be held 20 days after the elections, that is, by May 28, and the new government should be elected by the end of June 2024.

Regarding the information that SDSM is asking for a rotation of the positions of President of the Assembly and Prime Minister so that there is no concentration of officials from DUI in vital statesmanship positions, Xhaferi says that so far he has not received an official offer for such a proposal.

- It is not a matter of whether I will accept or not, it is not my personal choice. Officially, there is no such hint to me. If there is such a variant, the deputies will have to elect a new president of the Assembly - says Xhaferi.

Gruby prefers that the technical government be led by a lady

Grubi says that it is a tragedy that VMRO-DPMNE does not want a "Przhin government" and believes that this is a hint of what will happen if VMRO-DPMNE wins, which Grubi does not believe in.

- The first Albanian prime minister was not conditioned by the "Pržin government", but former prime minister Zaev said that he would step down from his position before the elections to enable a fair political campaign. The Przyna government is a contract, and disregarding contracts costs political parties mandates. I would also suggest abolishing the technical government, but that it should start valid from the next mandate and we should continue like all normal democracies - says Grubi.

He says that there will be an Albanian prime minister and that nothing bad will happen to the country. According to Grubi, it will be an indication that all citizens are equal and equal in the state.
Grubi says that they know exactly who the Albanian prime minister will be, but that he will leave it to the leader of the party, Ali Ahmeti, to announce it, after the talks with the coalition partners with whom he should agree and the way they will perform in the next elections. He prefers the technical government to be headed by a lady.

Deadlines are running out, and there is nothing new for the SEC

It remains uncertain who will sit in the vacant seat in the State Election Commission. Xhaferi confirmed that four candidates applied for the vacant position of former SEC member and now Minister of Justice. "Sloboden Pechat" has already announced that, apart from the opposition Besa, the ruling Alliance for Albanians has nominated its own candidate for SEC. Xhaferi does not comment on who the seat in the SEC should belong to and says that if there is a disagreement between the parties, the deputies should ask for an authentic interpretation of the Electoral Code.

If the current member of the SEC, Boris Kondarko, is elected as the new anti-corruption officer, then the SEC of seven will remain with five members, after which the Parliament will have to announce a new advertisement for a member of the SEC. If there is no agreement between the parties, it is possible that there will not be a two-thirds majority for the election of a member of the SEC, after which the procedure will have to be repeated, and the deadlines for the elections will run out.

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