The ZNAM movement in Kumanovo presented the program "Proclamation for dignified Macedonia"

The presidential candidate from the ZNAM movement, Maxim Dimitrievski, and the list holders from the electoral units presented the program "Proclamation for a dignified Macedonia" tonight at a rally in the town square in Kumanovo. The holders of lists from the electoral units pointed out that the biggest problem for the state is corruption and promised to eradicate it. The candidate for president from the ZNAM movement, Maxim Dimitrievski, called for the energy from Kumanovo to be transmitted everywhere in the country, for the citizens to send a message that Macedonia is waking up again from Kumanovo.

- Five years ago, I worked for presidential elections and I helped a man become the president of the state, and that man came to our Kumanovo and said that when your mayor drops out, we are waiting for him to join. I will answer to Kumanovski, "never, never," Dimitrievski said.

He told everyone that they are counting in vain, because this is Kuman's "Macedonia in miniature" and emphasized that the Macedonian flag will be proudly flown again. Dimitrievski said that corruption has penetrated into all spheres of society, healthcare, justice, that it is precisely because of injustice that young people are leaving, because none of the politicians stood behind the citizens. At the rally in Kumanovo, he promised justice, the opening of every case, and experienced and hardworking people will judge for all those who "went against the law".

- There will be justice, when real, responsible people come to the right place, because they not only lied to us, they completely lied to us, and even renounced their own people, the values ​​of the Krushev manifesto and ASNOM and everything that is sacred for Macedonia and if we allow them to do so, they will continue to do so, said Dimitrievski.

The presidential candidate stressed that they have a historical obligation to change that, because the citizens are in debt. He criticized political opponents, DUI, which he said has only made promises for more than two decades, has never built a factory or a meter of Corridor 8, and "turns both the left and the right around."

- In these elections, the SDSM leadership will lose catastrophically, while VMRO will not win, ZNAM will win. Just like the local ones, we will repeat it all together, said Dimitrievski.

Regarding the polls, he said that both political parties did not fill the city square like now.

- To dare and transfer the energy from the town square to every Kumanov man and woman, to tell them that a new political force is being born in Macedonia, which is called the ZNAM movement for our Macedonia, a movement created by the citizens and for the citizens, Dimitrievski said.

He indicated that he will work for the citizens as well as the candidates for MPs who will give the "Maximum" for the citizens and for Macedonia.

The holder of the list from Constituency 2 Daniel Stojchevski said that justice, there will be no place for corruption, increasing penalties for abuse of official position, high and severe penalties to discourage any attempt at corruption, non-statutory acts of crime and corruption, selection of quality and experienced judges, abolition of life tenure of judges. Notaries and executors will become civil servants, increasing salary in the judiciary.

- Justice should be available for everyone, not only for those with "deep pockets", the economy should offer opportunities for everyone, not only the chosen ones, education should open the door to the future of every young person, Stojchevski said.

The other holders of constituencies, Nebojsha Zaharievski, Vesna Bendevska, Mile Cekov, Pavle Arsovski, Boban Karapejovski, presented some of the projects, from economy, ecology, agricultural development, education, projects for young people, higher wages, better standard, quality healthcare, fighting corruption, restoring the dignity of the uniform. They told her that these are elections that decide the future of Macedonia, for a dignified, honest and progressive Macedonia, and indicated that new energy and new people are coming into politics who offer honest and dedicated work.

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