Two-thirds of Americans fear violence after the elections at the end of the year

The debate between Trump and Biden during the 2020 presidential election campaigns / Photo: KEVIN DIETSCH / UPI / Profimedia

Two out of three Americans say they are worried that the election between Democratic President Joe Biden and his Republican predecessor Donald Trump on November 5 could be followed by political violence, according to a new survey by Reuters in collaboration with Ipsos.

The results of a survey of 3.934 American adults indicate the concern of the American people that the unrest that followed Trump's defeat in the 2020 election could be repeated in the United States.

Then the president's false claim that his defeat was the result of fraud prompted thousands of followers to storm the US Congress.

About 68 percent of respondents in the online poll, 83 percent of Democratic supporters and 65 percent of Republicans, said they agreed with the statement that they are worried that extremists will resort to violence if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the election.
On an overall level, 15 percent of respondents disagreed with that statement, and 16 percent were not sure.

In recent interviews, Trump has reiterated his disagreement with the election results and has characterized Democrats as crooks at campaign rallies.

The survey, conducted from May 7 to 14, found that Republicans distrust the credibility of American elections more than Democrats. Only 47 percent of Republicans said they were confident the results of the November election would be accurate and legitimate, compared to 87 percent of Democrats who expressed confidence in such an outcome.

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