Two new premieres for Vardan Tozia's film "M" in North America

Scene from the movie "M" / Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

The Macedonian film "M" of the director Vardan Tozia continues its screening on the North American continent, this time in official competition at two prestigious film festivals - the International Science Fiction Film Festival in Boston and the "Nights of Fear" International Festival in Wisconsin.

The Boston International Science Fiction Festival was established in 1976, making it the second oldest genre film festival in the United States.

In the initial years of its existence, cult achievements such as "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "War of the Worlds" or the first edition of the until then unknown "Star Wars" were premiered in the "Orson Welles" cinema. Today, the festival is held at the Somerville Cinema Complex, and screens and promotes a limited number of American and international genre films to American audiences.

Fright Nights International Film Festival takes place in Wisconsin, and aims to discover dystopian, fantasy and horror-themed films from international cinema.

In its 16 years of existence, this festival has promoted directors such as Mike Flanagan, Greg Nicotero, Adrian Garcia Bogliano and many others.

Photo: Promo

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