The two suspects of Danka's murder have been sent for a psychiatric examination


Srdjan Jankovic (50) from Luka and Dejan Dragijevic (50) from Zlot, suspects in the murder of two-year-old Danka Ilic from Bor, whose body has been searched for 12 days, should soon be sent for a psychiatric examination, confirmed by the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zajecar, the media in the region write.

The detention of the suspects Srdjan Jankovic and Dejan Dragijevic, according to the decision of the judge for preliminary proceedings of the High Court in Zajecar, expires on May 3. They will be sent for a psychiatric examination, as soon as the conditions are met - they state in the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zajecar.

Jankovic and Dragijevic, workers of the Bor PSU "Vodovod", were on a work assignment on March 26, when two-year-old Danka Ilic disappeared in Banjsko Polje. According to Dragijević's confession, the girl was hit with a company car, strangled and thrown into a landfill in Starobanjska, from where two days later, Dejan, together with his father Radoslav (73) and his now deceased brother, Dalibor Dragijević (40), took her moved to another, currently unknown location.

Psychiatric and neuropsychiatric examinations, which will apparently be carried out by experts from the Special Prison Hospital of the Central Prison in Belgrade, should unequivocally confirm whether Srdjan Jankovic, who defended himself silently during the hearing before the Prosecutor's Office, and Dejan Dragijevic, who confessed to the crime, had mental illness or disorder that affected their ability to manage their actions at the time of reporting the crime of aggravated murder with which they are charged.

It is expected that this expertise will show their psychological profile of the person, and of course their sanity and ability to control their actions at the time they committed the brutal murder.

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