Two Australian retirees spent nearly 500 days on a cruise because it was cheaper than a nursing home

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A retired couple from Australia have become 'sea wolves' after spending almost 500 days at sea after booking 51 consecutive cruises and traveling almost around the world because it was cheaper than going into a nursing home.

Marty and Jess Ansen set sail on their first cruise on June 16, 2022, after two years of severe restrictions due to the pandemic, and have continued their voyages to date, booking a total of 51 so far.

The couple stayed on Coral Princess Cruises with 2.000 passengers for more than 450 days – longer than most crew members, including captains – and expect to stay on board for two years.

"Finally, I said to my travel agent, 'Just book,'" Marty told Current Affair.

The couple claims it's cheaper to cruise the world for two years than pay for a nursing home.

According to the couple, one of the perks of the lifestyle is that "there's always something to do, from dancing to dinner and a maid coming to clean your room."

Jess especially enjoyed the ballroom, while Marty enjoyed making "lifelong friends."

Their journey would last another eight months before the couple finally returned home. But that won't be the end of their world travels. They plan to board the Crown Princess, an even bigger ship, another year.

As for their family, they say they see them when they stop at the docks near their homes.

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