Two patients died in the waiting room of a clinic in Zagreb, there was no free bed

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In the last few weeks, two patients died in similar circumstances at the "Sveti Duh" Clinical Hospital in Zagreb, left lying on transport trolleys in the waiting room of the emergency department.Index".

One patient was found dead in the waiting room by family members, the other by an ambulance crew.

As "Index" found out, both patients were admitted to the emergency room, after which they were placed on recumbent transport carts and left to wait in the waiting room, as there were no free beds.

The first case happened on the night between February 20 and 21. It is about a patient who was left in the waiting room and who was found dead in the morning by his family members.

A few days later, there was a similar case with another patient. After he was treated, an ambulance was called again for the patient, who was also waiting in the waiting room. Medical transport employees found the man dead. In both cases, the death of the patients was first noticed by outsiders, i.e. the family of the deceased and the medical transport employees, and only then by the hospital staff.

The hospital says that there was no medical error in the cases.

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