Two "air tractors" are offered by the SSO for dealing with fires, but there is only one pilot

Photo: Free Press / Riste Pejovski

This season, two "air tractors" of the Directorate for Protection and Rescue will be in full function for extinguishing fires, but for now there is only one pilot who will be involved in the fight against the fires that occur every day on the territory of the country. The SSO informs that the air tractors have been sent to a service center in Croatia and will arrive by the end of this month, but the license of the third one expires in July.

-Two pilots out of a total of three who were involved last year with the "air tractors" in extinguishing large fires have retired, so it is expected that the new government and possibly the new management at the SSO will find a compromise solution in terms of salary and work according to an agreement with both of them. retired pilots so that they can return and pilot the aircraft, informs the SSO for "Sloboden Pechat".

Due to this situation in the SSO from CMC informed yesterday that they are not planning the "air tractors" to engage in firefighting, and due to the fact that the retired pilots asked for fees of 3.000 euros per month, it is uncertain whether they will receive a new engagement after the formation of the government. It is about a specific and deficient pilot staff that is actually lacking everywhere in the world.

At the last competition, 4 pilots were admitted to DSZ, of which only one remained, while two did not complete their training abroad, and the third retired. The Directorate actually needs a minimum of 6 pilots, but the procedure is not simple because they require professional pilots with a certain number of flying hours who then go to several months of training for "air tractors".

"I would also like to be a pilot, but it's not easy to be a pilot", sarcastically remarked yesterday the State Councilor in CMC Draghi Tarchugovski and explained: "To be on an "air tractor" is even more difficult than to be a pilot of an ordinary , a commercial aircraft carrying a hundred passengers. Because he has to fill water in flight, he has to discharge water at a precisely determined point, it is one of the most complicated professions. They were paid according to the possibilities we have at the moment."

Stojanovski and Tarchugovski from CMC/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Dragan Mitreski

- Considering the fact that we will have high temperatures that will likely cause fires, and our resources are limited in the country, considering the fact that the "air tractors" are not functional this summer and we cannot expect them, we have 3 helicopters left at our disposal from the Ministry of the Interior and one helicopter from the ARM, interventionist, because it is operational and when we have such situations, we will of course be able to use it, said Goran Stojanovski, head of the Department of Operations and Coordination at CMC.

According to him, the situation in PE "National Forests" is also critical, where the budget is empty and they currently do not have financial means to purchase fuel, which makes it impossible for them to go out in the field and intervene to extinguish forest fires.

- It remains to rely exclusively on the Brigade and the TPPE units that we have within the municipalities, as well as the voluntary firefighting societies, as well as the Ministry of the Interior. These are the resources that we currently have at our disposal. We will see how it will be in the future, whether the Government will take something in that direction, and provide additional funds for "National Forests", exclusively for extinguishing forest fires on a larger scale in the open plain, Stojanovski emphasized.

Over the past 11 hours, XNUMX outdoor fires have been registered and all of them have been extinguished, the CMC announced this morning. Mostly dry grass and low vegetation burned, and there were also fires in wild landfills.


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