The search for a missing 12-year-old girl from Skopje has been ongoing for two days, and a 15-year-old teenage girl with whom they left together is also being sought.

Photo of missing Anisa Ajro from Skopje/Photo: Facebook

For the second day, the search for the young girl from Skopje, Anisa Ajro from the Municipality of Gazi Baba, who disappeared early yesterday morning on her way to her school OU Lirija in the Municipality of Chair, continues.

Anisa was a very calm and withdrawn girl who had no secrets from her family, so the circumstances of her disappearance are very strange.

According to the information we received from her parent, she was initially reported to the police near Bit Pazar, from where, she said, an order for quick intervention was sent to the Ministry of the Interior.

Father Engin confirmed that yesterday morning Anisa was getting ready to go to school and that was the last time he saw her because he also went to work. Then at school, a friend who was 2 years older than her, called her out of class, and since then, all traces of her have been lost.

Anisa was wearing a black jacket and brown pants at the time of her disappearance. She is about 163 cm tall.

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed the case and pointed out that the other older girl with the initials M.K. is also missing. who often disappeared from home and was returned.

"On 30.03.2023 at Bit Pazar Police Station at 20.30:38 p.m. E.A. (12) reported that his daughter A.A. (22.00) ran away, and around 39:15 p.m. G.O. (XNUMX) reported that his daughter ran away daughter MK (XNUMX). MK and previously on several occasions she moved away from home and was sent back. "Measures are being taken to find the persons," said the Ministry of the Interior.

"We still don't have any voice," the worried father told us in a short phone conversation. "If anyone sees her, call the police immediately, stop her!" Let them call me at 072 232 983" - appeals the desperate parent.

The missing Anisa/Photo: Facebook

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