Two days before the celebration of Delchev on Saturday, the police closed the street near Sveti Spas

Photo: Thelma / printscreen

From around 18:XNUMX this afternoon, the street "Samoilova" under the Skopje castle, where the church of Saint Spas is located, is closed to traffic, in which the anniversary of the birth of the Macedonian revolutionary Gotse Delchev will be celebrated on Saturday.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that starting this afternoon, two days before the anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev, they will close "Samoilova" street to traffic, on the stretch from "Iljo Vojvoda" street to the intersection with "Prohor Pczinski".

On Saturday, "Lazar Lichenovski" and "Samoilova" streets will be driven only under a special traffic regime.

After the announcement by President Stevo Pendarovski that organized groups from Bulgaria will come to Skopje on Saturday to honor Delchev, the state authorities are treating this as an event of high security risk. The authorities emphasize that provocations and incidents will not be allowed.

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