For two days, it was not possible to top up a card or pay with a phone on the bus, the JSP kept silent that they had a problem

Jsp/photo Slobodan Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

For two days, Skopje citizens who use the services of JSP "Skopje" could not pay for the bus by phone, because the validators did not read the phone calls to 185, the number through which electronic payment for tickets is made. It was possible to pay only with "Skopska" cards.

To make the problem even bigger, those who needed to top up their cards could not do so either yesterday or this morning because there were problems with ticket offices and shops where top-up can be done. According to the explanation of one of the employees in the ticket office, they spent the whole day yesterday with "crossed hands" because, according to her, the company had a problem with the internet connection (?).

The citizens were usually left without any information from JSP that there was a problem, so after several unsuccessful attempts to pay by phone, confused, they turned to the drivers asking for advice on how to proceed.

I couldn't pay by phone, since before that I couldn't even top up the card. I asked the driver if he had a card to buy on the bus, he offered me only 120 denars. I didn't buy, with all the risk of controllers getting in. I always pay properly, and this morning, not through my own fault, but because of problems with the JSP, I had to pay three times more expensive ticket as a "penalty". Luckily the driver was understanding for all of us who couldn't pay and didn't insist on buying tickets. He claimed that we won't have a problem with the controllers - Maria from Karposh told about her morning "adventure" in JSP buses.

The problem in the ticket offices was overcome this morning, and as for what happened, the JSP decided not to answer, as many times before. So far, there is no answer to the question of why they did not inform the citizens who use their services every day that they can neither pay by phone nor top up their card. Or they were afraid that if they announced that they had a problem, those passengers who had full electronic cards would take the chance to ride for free at least once.

Citizens have no other way to pay a ticket for a single ride except by phone and electronic card. For several years now, the paper tickets for one ride, which cost 50 denars and whose introduction into use was pompously announced by the public city enterprise, have not been on the buses for several years. After the first ordered round of such tickets sold out, others were never allowed on the buses again. Why? - from JSP they do not respond. The only ticket available on the bus is the daily ticket, which costs 120 denars.

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