DUI: Stop violent anti-European protests


Last night's images of violence, attacking institutions and law enforcement agencies, clearly show that organizers and supporters of violent protests continue to cultivate destructive anti-European goals, thus serving pro-Russian policies to destabilize the country and the region, say the political party Democratic Union for integration.

"The Democratic Union for Integration strongly condemns the attempts to destabilize the state, the division between citizens with the aim of creating new tensions, therefore it urgently asks all political stakeholders, citizens and the entire civil society to stop and immediately condemn the violent anti-European protests.

Just in the period when the state is rounding the way to achieve the three-decade goal, VMRO DPMNE and Levica should sit down and talk about these benevolent processes and not organize violent protests, spread fake news and think dark scenarios to scare them. the citizens.

After many years of waiting, we finally have the opportunity we deserved to start negotiations for membership in the European Union and before us we have a proposal that is in accordance with the Resolution of our Assembly and guarantees the identity, language and culture of our fellow Macedonians.

The Democratic Union for Integration, together with the citizens, once again assures that it will not allow forces with a pro-Russian conviction to use violence against the institutions and threaten the future of the state.

We are a NATO member country and we will continue the European path, there is no other alternative", their announcement states.

GALLERY: Photos from tonight's protest in front of the Parliament and the Government

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