DUI makes its own films: Ahmeti prime minister, Osmani president, Sela speaker!

Ali Ahmeti, campaign Photo: Facebook Grubi

The session was opened by Ahmeti and after the verification of mandates, Ziyadin Sela was elected as the President of the Assembly. Then 120 deputies voted constitutional amendments, and the new parliamentary composition was inaugurated by the new president of the state, Bujar Osmani.

While the parties yesterday fired up their engines for the campaign for the parliamentary elections to be held on May 8, the European Front led by the leader of the DUI Ali Ahmeti as if he does not need a campaign, because he has already constituted the new parliamentary composition: he elected the president of the Assembly - Zijadin Sela, but also a new head of state - Bujar Osmani. The European Front started the campaign with a simulation of the first constitutive session of the parliament.

Ziyadi Sela, campaign Photo: Facebook Grubi

The session was opened by Ahmeti and, as it should be according to the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, the verification committee verifies the mandates of the new MPs. Ziyadin Sela from the Alliance for Albanians was elected President of the Assembly. This was followed by the most important point – voting on the constitutional amendments, with which the Bulgarian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Jewish and Egyptian peoples became part of the Constitution, and 120 deputies voted for it. At the same session, the new parliamentary composition of the European Front inaugurated the new president of the state, Bujar Osmani. After Osmani's address, the first constitutive session of the Assembly was completed.

Bujar Osmani, campaign Photo: Facebook Grubi

From the simulation of the constituent session directed by Ahmeti, it remained unclear whether he was the prime minister, because earlier, the beginning of the campaign for parliamentary elections was announced by the vice prime minister Artan Grubi through Facebook, with the slogan "Ali Ahmeti, one prime minister for all".

– Our country should strive for peace with all the countries of the region, strive to change the Constitution and incorporate the small communities living in this country as a constitutional category that would have a significant impact. We unanimously support the amendment of the Constitution, we support after five years the current president to launch an initiative for the head of state to be elected in the Parliament. We are a parliamentary republic and parliamentary democracy must be realized, the future president should be elected by a majority of parliamentarians, with the principle of Badenter, therefore, Mr. President, we give full support for the changes in this country to move forward - said Ahmeti.

Olaf Scholz supported the SDSM

SDSM and the coalition for the European future started the campaign under the slogan "There is no giving up on the future", and the leader Dimitar Kovacevski is convinced of a great victory and success for European Macedonia, that he will lead the new government and that he will take the country to the EU by 2030 at the latest.
Kovacevski repeated that they are aware of the large number of mistakes made and he takes responsibility for it.

SDSM campaign/Photo: "Sloboden pechat"/Slobodan Djuric

- We know that the citizens are disappointed by the increase in prices, by the corruption, arbitrariness, inaction and abuses of some politicians. Yes, the citizens are right and I accept their criticism of the mistakes made. Only one who is self-critical and aware of his mistakes has the power to correct them. That's why we created a solid and viable plan that is translated into our program for the next four years - said Kovacevski, but also announced a final, decisive and more effective fight against crime and corruption.

The main focus remains EU membership and, according to Kovacevski, the EU is the only way to change things for the better. He did not fail to criticize VMRO-DPMNE, to which he told that "manipulations by speaking one behind the door and another on the street, do not run a state".
The event organized at the Museum of Contemporary Art featured a video address by a member of the German sister party PES, Olaf Scholz, with the message that a strong EU requires the process of enlargement with North Macedonia and the countries of the Western Balkans.

VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition traditionally start the campaign from Ohrid. The leader Hristijan Mickoski said that they will lead a positive campaign that will restore the citizens' trust in the institutions and that they will leave their hearts on the ground for the interests of the citizens of Macedonia.

Christian Mickoski, campaign, Photo: Mickoski Facebook

- After six and a half years of destruction, crime, humiliation, looting of institutions, looting of Macedonia, we want to lead a campaign that will restore hope to the citizens. We appreciate that hope is lacking... Except for a few from the DUI and a few scoundrels from the SDSM leadership, all other citizens have the feeling that they are second-class citizens. That must stop, but after May 8, there will be responsibility for everything that happened in the past six and a half years... We are motivated, eager to show that we leave our hearts on the ground for the interests of the citizens and of Macedonia - said Mickoski.

"Worthy" coalition relies on Kosovo's "Self-determination"

European Front / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The "Vredi" coalition, on the other hand, for a wind at its back before the start of the campaign for the parliamentary elections, once again called for help the Kosovo officials from the ruling "Samoopdelevuje". Now their guest was the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca. He, together with the leaders of "Vredi" Arben Taravari, Bilal Kassami, Afrim Gashi, Izzet Majiti and the candidate for MP, Bekim Qoku, took a walk along the Old Skopje bazaar. The leaders immortalized the meeting with photos and videos with Konjufca, which they published on their Facebook profiles.
The Left will take part in the elections with the slogan "Incorruptible in the Parliament".
17 parties and coalitions are participating in the parliamentary elections for the eleventh assembly. For the first time, there will be a coincidence of several days of campaigns for the presidential and parliamentary elections. It is also characteristic that during the silence for the presidential elections, the campaign for the parliamentary elections will continue.

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