DUI accuses: Millions of euros from the budget of the Municipality of Tetovo were poured into the account of one family

Photo: Free Press

Millions of euros from the budget of the Municipality of Tetovo were poured into the accounts of 3 companies owned by one family, i.e. the companies "Eko Peu", "Ereu Trans" and "Mujo Ba", accused today from the Tetovo branch of DUI.

According to the party, the companies received tenders exclusively from the Municipality of Tetovo and from no other institution. So the only source of income was the Tetovo Municipality account, the party added.

- Even more interesting is the fact that two of these companies have only one employee each, and they received millions of euros in tenders. The suspicion grows even more when it is realized that these above-mentioned companies have completely different activities from the work they are obliged to perform according to the contracts signed between them and the Municipality of Tetovo. We are not the only ones saying this, many media are also saying this, which have carefully investigated the facts and the way of announcing and receiving the tenders. The owners and members of the close families of these companies do not hide the connection they have with the leaders of the Municipality of Tetovo and the leadership of the Besa Movement, publishing photos from various party meetings. The relationship between these interest groups goes even further when it is added that the current head of urban planning in the Municipality of Tetovo is a family member and friend of the owners of the mentioned companies, and he used to be an employee of the same companies that now receive tenders worth millions from the Municipality of Tetovo, he says Onur Kasa from the DUI Youth Forum.

Casa publicly asked Mayor Bilal Kasami and, as he said, "his mafia clan", how they set the terms of the tender and how they managed to exclude all other firms from public procurement.

– How many secret meetings did they hold with the owners of "Muyo Ba" before announcing the tender? How can a person come out and talk about success and work when a corrupt and criminal affair is hidden behind every completed job. This is just one of the actions of this mafia clan that runs the Municipality of Tetovo, which always comes at the expense of Tetovo citizens. From here, we call on the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the case and bring crime and corruption to light. We also make a public appeal to the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the case and give a report, said Casa.

Such similar accusations dawned in part of the media.

Kasami recently stated that all these are unfounded accusations because he does not decide who will win the tender, but the legal norms. If anyone has any doubts, we are open to cooperation, he added.

- I am not the one who decides which company will receive which tender. Maybe I don't like a company, but I can't decide, there are laws and procedures for that. In the part of the companies, a part of this road was realized by a company about which there were certain doubts and precisely because of this there were doubts that this part of the road will not be realized. My commitment will be to implement all projects according to standards and to control all projects, Kasami said.

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