DUI is on the same line as the Left - the interests of Albanians are not valid for them, accuses "Vredi"

Constitutive session/photo: Sloboden Pechat/Dragan Mitreski

The "Vredi" coalition reacts that DUI confirmed that the interests of the Albanian people were not valid, that is, they were valid only while they were in power. According to them, Afrim Gashi was the first Albanian elected as the President of the Assembly with 76 MPs, a significant majority which was logically supported by all Albanian MPs, regardless of whether they are from the position or the opposition.

"The escape of the DUI deputies from the assembly hall is a new episode of the non-support of Arben Taravari as the only presidential candidate of the Albanians and the boycott of the second round of the presidential elections. Funeral DUI decisions contrary to EU and US interests. With this behavior, DUI stands on the same line as the anti-Western Left," Vredi said.

The announcement of "Vredi" adds that the European Front of DUI was revealed in the first opposition test.

"DUI has an obligation to accept reality and act as a responsible opposition. "Because of the series of desperate political decisions, they now have even more weight in the very near future to prove that there is no way for the opposition to risk EU perspectives for the sake of personal and narrow-party interests," Vredi said.

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