Duda wants a friendly conversation with Zelenski

Zelenski and Duda / Photo EPA-EFE/RADEK PIETRUSZKA

Polish President Andrzej Duda said he is ready to talk to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as a friend to resolve the tense situation between the countries. Let's recall that Warsaw threatened to stop sending weapons to Kiev at the height of the dispute over grain imports.

Referring to a statement by Zelensky, who told the UN General Assembly on Tuesday that some of Ukraine's European friends were playing solidarity in political theater, Duda told Polish channel TVN24 that, although his Ukrainian counterpart did not specifically mention Poland, the proposal still there is also that everyone understood it.

When asked if he was angered by Zelenski's comments, Duda said he was outraged. "I was offended, that's a better word. I think we should calm down a bit. This dispute is only a small part of our relationship. We shouldn't let it affect the whole relationship. Only others will benefit from it." Duda said, CNN reports.

Earlier this year, several European Union countries imposed a ban on Ukrainian grain imports to protect their farmers who could not compete on price.

Last week, the EU announced plans to suspend the restrictions, but Poland, Hungary and Slovakia said they intended to keep them in place.

"We need to solve this." It is actually a legal dispute. I understand that Ukraine is in such a situation that it requires help at any cost and therefore does not care where it sells grain. We want to help them and we are helping them," Duda told TVN24.

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