DS: We condemn the extremism and separatism present among the Albanian parties in the country

The vocabulary of the Albanian parties in the country recently contains extremism and separatism, which can seriously disrupt inter-ethnic relations, the security and stability of the state, the Democratic Union reacts.

Thus, Arben Taravari from the Alliance of Albanians proposed the reorganization of Macedonia if the Macedonians do not vote for constitutional changes. Alternative proposed a union of municipalities with a dominant Albanian population following the example of the Serbian municipalities in Kosovo. Ali Ahmeti from DUI called on the Macedonians to follow the Albanians on the way to the EU in one of his performances, we quote "Let's unite all Albanians, make the pro-European front, call our fellow Macedonians and lead this country towards the European Union ", so that finally Kasami from BESA in his announcement on a social network declared "Tetovo the capital (Center) of the Albanians from North Macedonia", the announcement says.

They emphasize that so far there has not been a single comment or condemnation from SDSM, to which they add that "in order to stay in power for another month, it tolerates nationalism that undermines the coexistence and unitary character of Macedonia".

The Democratic Union strongly condemns extremism and separatism, which lead us to destabilization and a complete blockage of the European integration processes. The politics of intimidation based on nationalism is neither a democratic nor a European value. Therefore, such announcements/statements require an appropriate reaction from the state institutions, otherwise silence will mean support for separatism, which will drag us into a dangerous nationalist vortex, the party added.

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