Drastic increase of outpatient examinations in the covid center in Tetovo

Covid Center in Tetovo / Photo MIA

More and more residents of the Tetovo region are seeking medical help in the infectious ward as suspicious cases of Covid-19. If a week ago there were 30 examinations and controls, for the past 24 hours that number is 70. Fortunately, the number of hospitalized is small.

-Since the beginning of the New Year, the number of infected has relatively increased. Within 24 hours, 70 tests were performed, but most of them had a mild clinical picture. Most of them have flu symptoms, and only seven patients are in the infectious ward and all of them are on oxygen support. Four of those seven have two doses of the vaccine, but they also have other complications, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. When symptoms occur, I urge them to contact a family doctor for further treatment, said Dr. Hasan Iljazi, in charge of media communication at the Tetovo Clinical Hospital.

According to Iljazi, only the infectious ward is used for the Covid center, while in case the number of infected people increases, the first and second floors of the internal ward are ready for an additional number of hospitalizations.

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