The standard of Bosnian citizens is dropping drastically

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The standard of "ordinary citizens" in Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting worse and worse. Every sixth household in Bosnia and Herzegovina is poor, while half of the population is on the verge of poverty, according to United Nations data.

In addition to pensioners, the working population is also under attack, which has been struggling to cope with the cost of living for a long time. Turnover in butcher shops fell by 30 percent in the past year.

Skyrocketing prices sweep across the country, but Mostar and Široki Brijeg traditionally hold the title of the most expensive cities. Political parties penetrate into the wallets of the citizens of Herzegovina.

"This is not about competition, but companies are chosen and people are appointed, exclusively on a party basis. That's why the market and competition are avoided here, where there is a drop in the services guaranteed by law, but the prices are simply chosen arbitrarily", pointed out Marin Bago from the "Fortuna" Consumer Protection Association.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country in the region and one of the few in Europe that practically did not respond to the increase in the price of basic food products, the drop in living standards and the galloping inflation that breaks records, H1 Info reports.

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