Drama Theater Skopje with "Heda Gabler" is a guest at the RUTA festival in Sarajevo

A scene from the play "Hedda Gabler" in the Drama Theater

Within the framework of the Bosnia-Herzegovina edition of the Regional Theater Festival - RUTA, which is organized by "Chamber Theater 55" from May 24 to 29 in Sarajevo, the play "Heda Gabler" will be a guest of Drama Theater Skopje on May 27.

The Macedonian premiere of "Heda Gabler" took place on April 20 and the visit to Sarajevo will be the fifth performance and the first visit of the play abroad.

"Hedda Gabler" is based on the text of the author Henrik Ibsen. The director of the play is Vasil Hristov, the adaptation is by Viktorija Rangelova-Petrovska and Vasil Hristov. The scenographer of the play is Vasil Hristov, and the costumes are by costume designer Roze Trajcheska-Ristovska.

The roles are played by actors of Drama Theater Skopje: Sanja Arsovska, Zoran Ljutkov, Vladimir Petrović, Deniz Abdullah and Sara Klimoska.

The director Vasil Hristov in the program note for the play points out that: "In 1890, Henrik Ibsen scandalized the theater public and the establishment in general, by creating another female character who deviates from established social norms. Hedda Gabler, as one of the most famous (anti)heroines in dramatic literature, plays a significant role in raising awareness of women's issues. Ibsen creates a female character who refuses to live and serve the conventions of a patriarchal society. Her struggle for autonomy and search for perfection, as well as her ambition to possess 'masculine power' to be able to influence both her own and the fate of others, results in the killing of perfection itself. Her act leaves a mark that symbolizes the fight for gender rights and equality."

The director Hristov points out that the dramatic text "Hedda Gabler", over the years, has been interpreted and read differently by directors, dramaturgically adapted, structurally modified, used as a motif by authors who are lovers of his work.

The dramatic material opens opportunities to intervene within it in accordance with contemporary theater concepts, readings, interpretations conditioned by the social changes that inevitably occur. Today, when mental health, identity crisis and moral-ethical norms are in the focus of interest, the drama and Hedda Gabler as an (anti)heroine become more relevant and reflect the problematic situations in modern society.

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