Drama in Russia: He found out that his best friend raped his daughter, so he made him bury himself

Russian police / Photo: Profimedia

The murder of Oleg Svidirov from Russia has taken on a new dimension, after the police revealed the horrible motives and the background of the whole event.

Vyacheslav killed his best friend Oleg after learning that he had raped his 8-year-old daughter.

According to the information, Vyacheslav killed Oleg after he found a video in his phone, which shows Oleg raping his daughter. Vyacheslav and Oleg were drinking together when the father saw the video in which Oleg abuses his daughter. Because they had been friends for many years, Oleg cared for Vyacheslav's child several times, and his daughter was probably abused each time. transmits the British Sun.

Police also questioned Vyacheslav's wife, who discovered that she and her husband had given Oleg an ultimatum to surrender to police by 8pm or commit suicide. However, later that evening, Vyacheslav decided to take revenge and ordered his former best friend to go with him to the local forest and take the shovel with him.

During the investigation, the grave was found in the woods where Oleg was buried, and he was stabbed in the heart. Police then arrested Vyacheslav and he is currently under house arrest on charges of aggravated murder.

He claimed to the police that a serious argument broke out between them in the forest, as well as that Oleg himself ran into a knife during the argument. The new details of the crime did not leave anyone indifferent. Vyacheslav forcibly took Oleg to the forest, forced him to dig his own grave, then stabbed him in the heart, and finally put his body in the grave.

At the same time, the police discovered several disturbing recordings on the phone, which show Sviridov abusing at least three other children. Sources close to the case state that recordings were found in the phone showing Oleg raping two girls aged 6 and 11.

According to the recordings, it can be concluded that Oleg abused the children for at least five years before Vyacheslav found the recordings in his phone. The villagers, as well as numerous Russian citizens who have heard about the case, are demanding that the authorities release Vyacheslav and that no charges be brought against him.

"He is not a murderer, he protected himself and our children," said one villager.

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