Drama of Kozhuf: Four missing persons, unavailable for two days, found alive and well in a rescue operation

Photo: mia

Four missing persons on Mount Kozhuv were found alive and well today by the Gevgelija officials of the Crisis Management System and were sent to their homes late this afternoon, the Crisis Management Center informs.

"The report on 112 to CMC about the four missing persons was received today at 14:50 p.m. The worried father of one of the lost called, because the persons were not available for more than a day, the weather was very cold with wind and snow, and the last time the father made telephone contact was around 15.00:4 p.m., one day before, that is, on February XNUMX, in Saturday. He indicated that, although he repeatedly tried to reach them by phone, they were unavailable on all four numbers. In particular, they together, the four missing, left the Smrdliva Voda settlement, which is at the foot of the mountain, towards the "Mala Rupa" area on the Kozhuf mountain, during yesterday, informs the CMC.

The CMC emphasizes that the Department of Operations and Coordination in the CMC, through the regional centers in Strumica and Gevgelija, immediately entered into coordination with competent local institutions: Police - SVR Gevgelija, Directorate for Protection and Rescue (SSO), PE "National Forests" - Gevgelija branch and through the Mayor's Office to all other competent local institutions, services and enterprises.

"They reacted rationally, jointly and planned, and after a short time the missing persons were found on the Kozhuv mountain, specifically at the locality "Mala Rupa" above the Smrdliva Voda settlement, and in communication and help from citizens, local residents, and members of mountaineering societies . "The four missing persons who were found alive and well by the hired entities of the Crisis Management System (CMS) from Gevgelija have been sent to their homes late this afternoon," the CMC reports.

From there, they emphasize that they coordinated and monitored the situation in accordance with the standard operating procedures for such emergencies.

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